Currículum de Maria Ferrer Ribot

KINE Centro de Terapia Familiar y de Pareja (Barcelona)

Academic and Professional data

  • Degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona.
  • Doctor of Education Sciences at the University of the Balearic Islands
  • Basic training in Systemic Family Therapy. KINE center. Center accredited by the FEATF.
  • Private practice as a psychologist (1991-2002).
  • Psychologist association XIAIF (Xarxa d'Iniciatives d'Atenció to Infància i Famílies) (2001-2012). 
  • Professor, Department of Applied Education and Educational Psychology of the University of the Balearic Islands. Currently I teach teaching in graduate studies in Early Childhood Education of the subject Family and School and coordinate the practicum.
  • Professor and head of studies at the Master's Degree in Early Childhood: Perspectives and Intervention Lines University of the Balearic Islands.
  • Professor of various postgraduate courses at the University of Barcelona and the University of the Balearic Islands.
  • Co-director of the university course expert support programs for families in early childhood socio-educational and health fields. 2009 and 2010. University of the Balearic Islands. 
  • Member of the Research Group on Early Childhood of the University of the Balearic Islands.
  • Member of the research group on Children, Technology, Education and Diversity (GITED).
  • President of the Balearic Association of Systemic Intervention (ABIS), years 2001-03.
  • Member of the Balearic Association of Systemic Intervention (ABIS) 2003- 2014
  • Secretary XIAIF (Xarxa d'Iniciatives d'Atenció to Infància i Famílies), 2001 and continued partnership.
  • Co-author of the book The cycle of life: a systemic view of the family. Desclée Brouwer. Col. Serendipity, together with Ascension Belart.
  • Publication of several chapters related to professional and family care and education in early childhood books.
    Publication of 20 articles in journals of educational field (Children, Undivided, Reladei ...), psychology (College of Psychologists of the Balearic Islands, Official College of Psychologists, Mosaic ...) and social (Social Workbooks ) related to various topics such as the role and interventions of professionals in programs and socio-educational services for children and families, support parenting, relationships between families and school in early childhood, educational innovation and best practice in the stage of Early Childhood Education.
  • Participation in various projects of regional and national research as a researcher in relation to the quality of services and support programs for families and good practice in early childhood education.
  • Participation in national and international conferences related to topics about families, relationships between schools and families, educational innovation i educational intervention.
  • Lectures, conferences, seminars and courses for families around the systemic vision of the family and life cycle.
  • Professor of several courses in Teacher Centres of the Ministry of Education of the Balearic Islands.