Systemic Family Model Intervention Basic Training in Family Therapy

— Zoom Platform —

Level 1 - Basic Training

Postgrado de 200 hours

Año académico: 2024-2025

Basic Training in Family Therapy

— Zoom Platform —

Postgrado de 200 hours  -  Año académico: 2024-2025
Open RegistrationRegistration deadline: 5 de September 2024
KINE Center for Family and Couple Therapy

  1. The total duration of THE TRAINING is 18 months, in two academic years.
  2. SCHEDULE: The schedule of the classes is from 8.45 to 14 hours, for the group of the mornings and from 15.45 to 21 hours for the group of the afternoons. Maximum PUNCTUALITY is requested. In Zoom mode, the student must be activated with the video for the duration of the class. Repeated absences are not allowed.
  3. MOBILE PHONES: Mobile phones must be completely OFF during school hours.
  4. CHANGE OF GROUP: If for any reason the student can not attend a class, he / she CAN ATTEND, and whenever there is a place, to the classroom of another group and with justification in writing. In case of not being able to attend another group, you must recover it in the online mode, paying 20 euros as expenses for registration in this modality.
  5. REST: Each class has a break of 20 MINUTES. Please respect this time to the maximum, not exceeding it.
  6. The student can request a TEMPORARY INTERRUPTION of the course of a maximum of 1 year. After the interruption period, the student will join the point where he left. If the interruption of the course is between one and two years, the student will pay 50 euros for costs of reopening the Virtual Platform. If the time is more than two years, the student will have to re-enroll from the beginning, in case he wishes to take the course.
  7. The student commits to deliver the exercises on the dates scheduled according to the CALENDAR OF EXERCISES. If the exercises are not delivered on the scheduled dates or are not approved, the student must ask the Professor to open the access, paying 20 euros for reopening expenses. It is not allowed to perform the monthly exercise in a group, it must be done individually.
  8. If the fees are not paid on the scheduled dates or the Self-assessments, Activities and Exercises are not carried out on the dates indicated, access to the Virtual Platform may be blocked and reopening it entails an expense of 20 euros.
  9. There will be two theoretical-practical evaluations per course (in February and in June). In case of not approving an evaluation, the student will have a RECOVERY (previously the date will be indicated for its realization). In case of not approving the evaluation corresponding to this recovery, the student will have a maximum of 6 months to submit to the LAST RECOVERY possible and must pay the amount of 150 euros. In case of not presenting or not approving the last recovery the student, if you want to take the course, you must re-enroll in it.
  10. In order to obtain the Diploma-Certificate, the student must have presented all the exercises, all the evaluations and attendance to all the classes have been approved. If the student can not attend any face-to-face class, he must recover it in the online mode, paying 20 euros. Only two types of online recovery are allowed and a third with written justification. If the student does not attend the middle class, he will recover the hours through a complementary exercise.
  11. From time to time, it is allowed to leave class with previous authorization and without the absence exceeding half an hour. In no case in a repeated way.
  12. The only DIPLOMA is awarded for having completed the training of 200 hours and a 50-hour certificate at the end of each four-month period.


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