Systemic Family Intervention Basic Training in Family Therapy

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Level 1 - Basic Training

Postgrado de 200 hours

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Basic Training in Family Therapy

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Postgrado de 200 hours  -  Edición permanente
Start of the course when
the student enrolls

General information

  • Objective: The Virtual-line training in Systemic Model Applied to Families aims to provide a basic, solid preparation strategies and techniques involved professionally with families through the development of concepts of systems theory and knowledge and application interventions and techniques of systemic family therapy.
  • Aimed at: Professionals with a university degree in the field of mental health, psychosocial and psico-educational fields.
  • Home Course: Being an individualized training, the course begins when the student has formalized enrollment.
  • Registration: not required to enroll in the four blocks. Students can enroll in one, two, three or four blocks, following, always, the sequential order of the blocks.
  • Course duration: The duration of each block is 5 months. The total duration of training is 20 months, corresponding to the four blocks.
  • Price of the 200-hour training: 550 euros each of the four Blocks. Each block is 50 hours and it is not mandatory to enroll in the four Blocks.
  • Payment: Upon enrollment in each block is when the payment of 500 euros is performed by Block enrolled (fractional payment option exists).
  • Payment: By credit card or by bank transfer.
  • Running the course: Each block is done in a maximum of five months and a minimum of three. It is not mandatory to complete a block, enroll the next. However, if the student wants to get the DIPLOMA OF TRAINING 200 hours accredited by our Center and the FEATF, you must perform the four blocks in a time not exceeding three years.
  • Diploma: After the four blocks, the Diploma of Vocational non-university graduate than 200 hours in the course on "SYSTEMIC FAMILY INTERVENTION" extends. Title endorsed by the FEATF (Spanish Federation of Family Therapy) and Basic Training in Systemic Family Therapy. Certificate 50 hours after each block is also issued. 
  • Foreign students: To take the course is essential to the necessary knowledge of the Spanish language that allows you to understand the texts and do the exercises.
  • Course Director: Luis Santiago Almazán
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